Lake shoreline management meeting

Institutional meeting

Meeting between EDF and SMADESEPon April 6, 2012

On April 6, 2012 in Savines le Lac, EDF and SMADESEP met, as provided for in their partnership agreement, to update elected officials and socio-professionals around the Serre-Ponçon reservoir on the climatic situation and management of the Durance - Verdon development.

Climate situation and resource management

The aim of this meeting was to present the hydrological situation over the last few months, the current state of the reservoir and the outlook for filling. Representatives of Serre-Ponçon's elected representatives and professionals are present.

Energy management in the face of the cold snap

At the start of 2012, the intense cold snap meant that the hydroelectric resources of the Durance and Verdon rivers had to be tapped to meet energy needs. Serre-Ponçon played a crucial role, injecting 1,500 MW into the grid.

Energy mission accomplished

Thanks to initial stocks and the availability of production resources, the Durance and Verdon development fulfilled its energy mission, lowering the levels of Serre-Ponçon and Castillon.

Hydro-climatic conditions current

We are going through a period marked by a virtual absence of precipitation since December 2011. Snow stocks are similar to 2011 in the Durance, but less favorable in the Verdon. Rising temperatures have led to early melting.

Cautious anticipatory management

Forecasts of summer inflows have led to adjustments in reservoir management. Production schedules have been scaled back, ensuring that reservoirs are gradually filled by the end of June.

Measures taken and recent developments

Since February 24, all inflows to Serre-Ponçon and Castillon have been stored, except those required for drinking water, agriculture and the preservation of biodiversity. Reservoir levels had already risen by more than 4 meters for Serre-Ponçon and 3 meters for Castillon by the end of March.

Forecasts and vigilance

Although the hydrological deficit is reversible, vigilance is required. EDF has adapted the management of its reservoirs to give priority to refilling, and remains vigilant in the event of persistent drought. Forecasts are updated every 15 days.