Member communities

The Hautes-Alpes department

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Since 2003, SMADESEP has federated the Hautes Alpes department with the majority of the inter-municipalities bordering the Serre-Ponçon reservoir. The département's major investment in the future of this major lake in the Southern Alps bears witness to the importance it attaches to the development of what is the mainstay of the Hautes-Alpes tourist economy in summer. With this in mind, the Conseil départemental des Hautes Alpes is the majority decision-maker on the S.M.A.D.E.S.E.P., with 6 representatives each having 2 votes (i.e. 12 votes) out of the 33 on the Comité syndical. As such, it also provides essential financial support, with an annual grant corresponding to the total contributions mobilized by the lake's Hautes-Alpes inter-municipalities alone.

The Alpes de Haute-Provence department

The Alpes de Haute-Provence département joined the Syndicat mixte d'aménagement du lac by inter-prefectoral decree on August 24, 2018. Since then, it has had 2 representatives on the Syndicat committee, for a total of 4 votes. This decision, long sought after by the reservoir's socio-professional players, marks the start of a new development dynamic that will involve new investments dedicated to the "Ubaye" branch of Serre-Ponçon.

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Community of communes of Serre-Ponçon

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Represented on the Syndical Committee by 11 community delegates, the C.C.S.P. includes the Communes of Baratier, Châteauroux-les-Alpes, Chorges, Crévoux, Crots, Embrun, les Orres, Pontis, Prunières, Puy Saint-Eusèbe, Puy-Sanières, Réallon, Saint André d'Embrun, Saint Apollinaire, Saint Sauveur, le Sauze-du-Lac and Savines-le-Lac, with a total population of over 16,000. It stretches along the banks of the lake for almost 40 km and is structured around the "Durance" branch of the reservoir.

Created by the merger of the Embrunais and Savinois - Serre-Ponçon intercommunities with the Communes of Chorges and Pontis (04), its main missions focus on spatial planning, local trade policy and support for commercial activities, construction, maintenance and operation of cultural and sports facilities, social actions, sanitation and waste management.

Community of communes of Serre-Ponçon Val d'Avance

It borders the lake for only 6 km, and its riparian population represents only 2% of the total population of the Haute-Alpes in the Communes bordering the reservoir. The C.C.S.P.V.A. does, however, have the Serre-Ponçon dam on its territory, and remains one of the areas most affected by the construction of the dam. It still manages the communal housing estates built 50 years ago to accommodate the workers mobilized for this immense project.

Created by the merger of the Avance and Pays de Serre-Ponçon intercommunities, the Communauté de Communes, with its 16 communes organized around Mont Colombis, has a representative on the SMADESEP board.


The Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley Community of Communes


The Communauté de Communes de la Vallée de l'Ubaye - Serre-Ponçon has been a member of SMADESEP since the integration of the Communauté de Communes Ubaye - Serre-Ponçon, which joined the mixed syndicate in 2016 with the Commune of Le Lauzet-Ubaye. The intercommunality brings together the Valley's 13 Communes, some of which are themselves the result of recent mergers, such as the one that linked Saint-Vincent-les-Forts with La Bréole to create Ubaye - Serre-Ponçon. This Commune and that of Le Lauzet-Ubaye together cover almost all the banks of the Ubaye branch of the lake. The inter-communal body is responsible for a wide range of issues, essentially centered on spatial planning, economic development, the environment, culture, sport, tourism and schools (or extra-curricular activities).

The C.C.V.U.S.P., which has 4 representatives on the syndical committee, is also an ex-officio member of the Bureau of the public establishment, as is each member structure.

Hautes-Alpes Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Its formal membership in 2018 is recognition of the economic importance of Lac de Serre-Ponçon for the Alpine Départements. Now with a representative on the syndical committee, it should benefit from the arrival in 2019 of its Lower Alpine counterpart and the two departmental development agencies to further strengthen, as associate members, the sustainable development potential of the great lake of the Southern Alps. The strong presence of associate members also ensures the link that needs to be organized between the lake and the "arrières-pays", whose stakeholders, indirect beneficiaries of Serre-Ponçon, are also entitled to express their expectations and proposals.

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