In 1997, the Syndicat Mixte d'Aménagement et de Développement de Serre-Ponçon was created. The beginning of controlled tourism was conceived and decided by the cooperation of all the riverside communities with EDF. Serre-Ponçon became a true nautical destination, with around a hundred service providers now operating on the shores of the lake.
Traditional and innovative water sports meet. Between sailing, windsurfing, electric boats and unusual housing, there's a real buzz around the lake in summer.
The economic lung of the Alpine departments, the little inland sea is also an environmental space to be preserved. In 2012, the public establishment made this a key focus of its Sustainable Development Plan, as well as of its resilience plan, launched in 2022.
The attention paid to tourism and environmental quality is commensurate with its cultural, socio-economic and tourism potential. Serre-Ponçon embodies a flagship tourist destination that must be preserved both for its tourist appeal and the local quality of life.

The syndicate's mission :

- Structure a diversified tourism offering
- Ensure environmental quality
- Develop sustainable facilities
- Manage port and seaside facilities
- Work for a development adapted to global warming

Smadesep's missions.

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