Launching docks

Port equipment

Access to the boat slips on Lac de Serre-Ponçon is totally free, but varies from site to site depending on the lake's elevation. While most slipways are now fully accessible, two are no longer operational:

  • the slipway on the Chadenas site (a sector that has become quite dangerous for navigation due to numerous shoals)
  • the slipway at Baie Saint-Michel

We therefore invite boaters to use the two slipways at Savines-le-Lac (Les Eygoires downstream of the pontoon or the Capitainerie slipway upstream).

Alternatively, the old departmental road to the right of the bathing beach can be used on Baie Saint-Michel. By the end of the week, SMADESEP staff will be signposting these closures and clearing (as far as possible) the access to this old road.