First-aid station numbers for supervised public beaches

Beach facilities

The first-aid post is available to all users in the event of an emergency, during opening hours. The numbers to call are as follows:

Anyone wishing to swim on Serre-Ponçon's supervised public beaches must comply with the rules and safety measures taken by the rescue, surveillance and police services.

In accordance with current national regulations, the bathing area is supervised as soon as the flag is hoisted to the top of the lifeguard masts.

  1. Red flag: swimming prohibited,
  2. Yellow/orange flag: dangerous but supervised swimming
  3. Green flag: supervised swimming and no particular danger
  4. Theabsence of a flag means that bathing is unsupervised and that the public swims at their own risk. In the event of an emergency, emergency services should be called by telephone on 18 or by VHF radio on channel 14 (156.700 MHz).