Boating on the lake: a call for vigilance!


As at the start of every boating season, the rise in the lake's water level is combined with snowmelt and thunderstorms in the upper basin. These phenomena lead to the usual flooding of the Durance and Ubaye rivers, which, while relatively moderate this year, carry a lot of DEAD WOOD to the surface of the lake. These obstacles to navigation remain particularly dangerous, and we urge you to ADAPT your speed to the situation!

The removal of these obstacles remains unmanageable as long as the lake's filling level is rising: the evacuation of this "macro-waste" on the bank would be relentlessly annihilated by its rapid return to the lake. SMADESEP will be able to regulate this problem once the reservoir has reached its maximum filling level, mobilizing its booms if necessary to boil these driftwood slicks in specific sectors. Thank you for your understanding.