The banks of Serre-Ponçon

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The lake of Serre-Ponçon, a fairly recent human creation, draped a large mountainous territory with sometimes very different identity characteristics. Historically linked by the Durance, real landscaped interface, these slopes are now brutally cut by the immense stretch of water of the hydroelectric restraint.

Like a mirror offered to the stars, the 2,800 hectares of Serre -Ponçon are now at the same time the link and support of their specificities: the sunny side of the valley of the Ubaye, with accents of " Corsican maquis " is in nice contrast with the beech grove of Chanteloube, which, in fall covered with the most beautiful colored outfit, can evoke some Canadian lakes ... The mineral promontory of Sauce- du-lac, gazebo perched at the junction of the valleys of Ubaye and Durance, communicates volunteer with the alluvial plain of Embrun ... The modern city Savines-le -lac, with its works registered under the patrimony of the twentieth century, finally gives back to the inheritance from the rural society before the impoundment of the dam and of which the chapel Saint- Michel is one of the most poignant images ...

This amount of diversities refers to a real cultural richness offered to the curious visitor to nature and patrimony!

We therefore suggest you to get in "a few clicks " a quick overview of what awaits you around the largest lake in the southern Alps.

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Le lac de Serre-Ponçon en images - SMADESEP / C.BAYLE - R. MANNENT - 2006

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