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The protection of the aquatic environment, the improvement of the quality of lake water, the taking into account of the phenomenon of "uplift" at the tail of the reservoir, side Embrun, and better management of water resources across the watershed of the Durance, are programs which are matter of environmental issues at the heart of the problems brought by the Mixed Union of Planning and Development of Serre-Ponçon (SMADESEP). Aware of the environmental issue that is the protection of water resources of Serre-Ponçon at the regional level, the SMADESEP works at the conduct of a general policy of the improvement in water quality and natural habitats, as part of its environmental statuary jurisdiction.

The implementation of a Watershed Contract "Serre-Ponçon - Haute-Durance", an operational management tool to decline in the medium term actions financed under multiannual subsidized programs, is so matter of the highest degree of this policy. This program, conducted in partnership with the local riverside communities of the reservoir and those of the Haute-Durance that are no member of the Mixed Union, should indeed respond to major environmental issues related to water management in the watershed of Serre-Ponçon.

To preserve the water quality of the reservoir, the SMADESEP set up a policy to reduce the risk of pollution contributing to the improvement of effluent discharges into the natural environment and the compliance of sanitation. Every ten years, it also ensures a qualitative monitoring of lake waters to study on ecological plan the methods of transformation of an original riparian environment to a hydroelectric lake environment. It also commits, in accordance with the implementation of the European Directive No. 2006/7/EC on the quality of bathing water, a study of "development of profiles of the vulnerability of bathing areas at Serre-Ponçon "(see CCTP) to evaluate the risk of pollution of bathing waters, through active management of bathing and preventive beach closures.

At preparatory purposes of the watershed contract, the SMADESEP has taken the lead to the establishing of "a Global Management Plan in Haute-Durance" (see CCTP), particularly to establish the objective profile of the river on the upstream Durance, to define a management and maintenance plan in accordance with Article L 215-15 of the Environmental Code. The definition of such a management plan is all the more necessary in the development of the watershed contract which now suites to adapt the maintenance of the Durance concerning materials from the rivers: this principle implies the limiting of gravel extraction for the prevention of flood risk, while addressing to issues related to the restoration of the ecological environment and its remarkable patrimony habitats.

The physical management of watercourses aims to provide a better understanding of risk management related to flood (to ensure the safety of property and persons),to better control the flow of solid waste in the tail of the reservoir and to improve the management of solid transport on the Durance. The interest of S.M.A.D.E.S.E.P. is focused on reducing the environmental and health pollution caused by phenomena of elevation and sandstorms on the plateau of Chadenas.

Issue of the Management Plan and the Watershed Contract, the SMADESEP also contributes to work for the preservation of aquatic environments and the protection of species and natural habitats of patrimony interest: pioneer zones of active band; Mediterranean riparian ecosystems; Adoux, benthic species, fish (development of artificial spawning in the reservoir of Serre-Ponçon) ... but also their touristic valuation, by organizing human activities to reduce their impact on the environment. It is in order to preserve the fragile ecosystems and the quality of the water of Serre-Ponçon, while maintaining economic activity, that the SMADESEP initiated the implementation of a "diagnostic study of the environmental situation of the waters of Serre-Ponçon" (see study Clean Ports), to evaluate the impacts of port facilities on the waters of Serre-Ponçon, to improve environmental quality of the reservoir by the implementation of structural facilities contributing to the reduction of pollution. This strategy is part of the stated will of the elected representatives of Serre-Ponçon to promote sustainable tourism development of the great lake of the Southern Alps.

Finally, to ensure an equitable sharing of water resources, in terms of use and quality of the resource as well at Serre-Ponçon as in medium and low Durance, the SMADESEP works together on the watershed of the Durance (EPTB, SDAGEs) with various regional partners (SMAVD, PNRQ, PNRV NATURA 2000 Steppique Durancien, geographical Commission Durance), and participates actively in consultation with various water stakeholders at regional level (RRGMA, workshops SOURCE, etc..).