Pole Communication

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The communication commission is to determine the means of which the SMADESEP is able to properly establish its institutional communications but also to provide the necessary information to the user of the reservoir. This dimension is indeed essential when it concerns the safety and navigation on the lake of Serre-Ponçon.

1. To transmit information

The SMADESEP has to provide a maximum of information regarding navigation on the big lake in the Southern Alps to users of Serre-Ponçon. Subject to tidal range effects, the level of the hydroelectric reservoir fluctuates every day impacting more or less clearly the navigation conditions.
If the Prefectural decree clearly defines a master plan of the reservoir that gathers all measures of navigation, SMADESEP is also to decline this information on each site via a signage accessible to all. Thus each authorized access to water has a sign reminding the rules and practices on the reservoir.

Download signs

Through the establishment of a radio network on the reservoir, the SMADESEP and the users in possession of a VHF radio are in direct contact with the emergency (CODIS 05) or water brigade.

Alert channel 14
Emergency channel 73

This will to secure the use on the reservoir is accentuated by the publication of a "navigation and security" card available in all tourist offices and professional providers of the reservoir, or by free downloading here

The SMADESEP gives the permission for temporary occupation of the public domain for the professional providers of the reservoir. A "boating" thematic card which outlines the information on sports activities on the reservoir, has been created in partnership with the Promotion Committee of Serre-Ponçon.<

Download the nautical card

This card is coupled with two other theme cards, which, published by the Promotion Committee of Serre-Ponçon, tackle patrimony and hiking.

Download the patrimony card

Download the hiking card

Data on occupation of hydroelectric public domain are managed by a Geographic Information System (GIS) which restricted access to the Internet is possible for partners of SMADESEP.

In this context, the Commission insures the management of this SIG whose development ensures both proper use of map information and their valuation for the general public from a dedicated application on the SMADESEP website.

Access to the interactive maps of SMADESEP

2. To communicate on the actions of SMADESEP

The communication committee aims to establish an effective communication policy on the actions taken by the Mixed Union of the Lake of Serre-Ponçon. Several methods are established to better inform a maximum of people.

  • A new website
  • A hot air balloon
  • Signs and RIS
  • An annual newsletter

Finally, to establish a territorial coherence and to show users that the lake of Serre-Ponçon is managed by an unique structure, pennants are installed on public sites. They allow to be identified as part of the "Serre-Ponçon" space, they return the message of “Nautical Destination” and the website address www.serre-poncon.com.

This strategy leads the Committee to explore with various professional organisms, the necessary partnerships for the territory promotion of ??this tourist destination.