Skills and Missions

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Beyond the details of its statutory skills, the union is in charge of general coordination and the management of touristic activities on the reservoir, in partnership with various government services and riverside communities.

Three sectorial committees established by the union committee are in charge of proposals and accompanies the decisions ratified by the deliberative assembly. To this end, five structural axes of the policy of SMADESEP were arrested at the end of 2009 to guide as much as possible the work of each of its committees.

1. To develop the institutional basis of the Union

a. To realize the membership of the communities of the Alpes de Haute-Provence
b. To improve land management (hydroelectric Public domain granted to EDF, Department land available to the Union)
c. To strengthen the institutional partnerships (state, region, Conservatoire du Littoral, Country) and technical partnerships (RRGMA, UPACA ...)

2. To structure and to reinforce the nautical touristic offer

a. To ensure the qualitative development of boating by a comprehensive water management plan (dock and boat launch, careening area, fuel pump, dry port ...)
b. To ensure complementarity and the necessity to diversify the local tourism economy (regional program APN)
c. To accompany the necessary professionalization of Serre-Ponçon
d. To aim in qualitative labelling of water attractions (Blue Flag, label "Tourism and Disability" ...)

3. To protect and to manage water resources better

a. To implement a contract of the watershed Serre-Ponçon / Haute-Durance
b. To ensure sustainable tourism development of nautical activities (adaptation to tidal range, fuel pump, careening area), relying in particular on the diagnosis "Clean Ports"
c. To work together in the watershed of the Durance (EPTB SAGE source)

4. To bring lasting solutions to touristic and environmental issues of the tail of the reservoir (branch Durance)

a. To endorse an operational management plan for the tail of the reservoir "Durance" to specific sector issues (tidal range, sandstorms, water activities, ecological connection "upstream" ,extractions ...)

5. To provide the S.M.A.D.E.S.E.P. a working tool adapted to its missions and its operation

a. To have workshops (boats and PT gear) and storage areas closer to the main activity (lakeshore)
b. To make the institutional existence of the Union more readable around a functional place, both technical (harbour office of the lake) and administrative (head office)
c. To value digital managing of databases assigned to the Union (Web GIS)
These strategic directions can be brought up at the organizational plan through 3 poles bringing together all the issues on which the SMADESEP is required to intervene.