The Union Committee and its committees

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Composition of the union committee

The deliberative assembly of SMADESEP called union committee, makes the decisions which preside the concerned one of the public institution. Composed of 21 directors, the union committee comes from the representation of its member communities:

  • 12 representatives of the General Council of the Hautes-Alpes;
  • 4 representatives of the Community of Communes of Embrun;
  • 3 representatives of the Community of Communes of Savines - Serre-Ponçon;
  • 1 representative of the Community of Communes of the region of Serre-Ponçon ;
  • 1 representative of the Commune of Chorges.

The functioning of the deliberative assembly

Each union delegate, appointed by deliberation of the community adhering to SMADESEP has the possibility to be represented by a substitute advisor.
The Union Committee meets at least once a quarter in an ordinary session. The deliberative assembly bases its decisions on the proposals of the office, of the commission of call for tender and of three advisory committees which it has established on Communication, Tourism and Water Quality.

Thematic committees

The advisory committees educate by the request of the Union Committee matters referred to them by the President. They have in particularly the ability to initiate or to prepare reports concerning to the deliberation projects affecting their kind of activity. They are also tasked to assist on the field, by local consultation, the implementation or the follow-up of the decisions of SMADESEP. The commissions associate, by necessity, qualified persons from technical services of local communities, public or administrative institutions, expert groups, professional organizations or associations and partners of SMADESEP for the sector of treaty activity. Each "extra- union" committee includes by law the President (or his representative), four Advisors of the Mixed Union (which may be represented by their substitutes), as well as the Director of SMADESEP (or his representative). The latter provides the secretariat of the meetings. To have a better representation of the deliberative assembly and to ensure their function within each committee, the four Directors from the Mixed Union are, as far as possible, only once designated to lead under these extra-union committees.
A deliberation of S.M.A.D.E.S.E.P. fixes the delegation of Union Councillors from each committee. These are capable to nominate their respective Reporters who may be from outside the Union Committee. In this case, the reporters of each committee are invited in the deliberative assemblies of the Mixed Union in order to relieve the content of the work done at the committee level to the consultants, if necessary,. The consultants have no right of decision and emit their opinions by a majority of the present members, a quorum is not required.
The meetings of these committees are not public, but may occasionally involve, as by need, any person deemed appropriate by the President of SMADESEP or by the Reporter of the concerned committee.

Download the composition of the Union Committee and thematic commissions

Download the rules of S.M.A.D.E.S.E.P.