The Framework Convention

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Signature de la convention cadre EDF-SMADESEP le 16 juin 2008

The SMADESEP was appointed by EDF as manager of the hydroelectric public domain of Serre-Ponçon, granted to the company by the 1955 law establishing the facilities of the Durance, and therefore the dam.
Succeeding several formalized partnerships since 1999, the "framework” convention of 16 June 2008 considerably strengthens the links between the SMADESEP and E.D.F. until the end of the EDF concession in 2052.
For all socio-professional workers around this beautiful reservoir, the long term registration of their project is necessary to ensure a sustainable and harmonious development of their activities, to develop projects on the long term and to make investments, to gain serenity in everyday life and to imagine the future with a quality requirement.
This is why, very concretely, the Temporary Occupation Authorizations, it is possible to issue them since 2008, now for 10 years.
For SMADESEP, to imply accurate and fair rules, to share, to ensure compliance by each to preserve the beauty of the site and to keep control of its management and its development, it requires commitment, conviction, and time.
It is to this purpose that a charter of good conduct specifying the conditions of riverside occupation of the Lake of Serre-Ponçon, applies to all. It ensures compliance of the beauty of the site and the control of its development.
For elected officials and policymakers of the territories, the local economic development is not built or imagined in a day. Through this partnership, promoting access to banks and creating favourable conditions to a sustainability of activities, ensuring quality equipment, EDF and SMADESEP offer them a close commitment, guaranteed over time.
Finally, to EDF, being offered the opportunity for a lasting confidence, it is the guarantee to make further progress in sharing about the respective issues, it is to give time for understanding but also for anticipation faced to new challenges and new expectations about the use of water.

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