The Adhering Communities

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Logo du Conseil Général des Hautes-Alpes

The General Council of the Hautes-Alpes

The SMADESEP federates since 2003 the General Council of the Hautes-Alpes and the majority of riverside inter-communities of the reservoir of Serre-Ponçon. The major investment of the Department in the making of the big lake of the Southern Alps reflects the importance it attaches to the development of what in summer is the first holder of the high-alpine tourism economy. With this in mind, the General Council of the Hautes-Alpes is the majority decision maker of SMADESEP with 12 representatives of the 21 that make up the union committee. It also provides essential financial support by providing 66% of the auto financing of the public institution.

The Community of Communes of Embrun

La Communauté de communes de l'Embrunais

Represented in the Union Committee by 4 Community delegates, the CCE includes the municipalities of Baratier, Châteauroux-les-Alpes, Crévoux, Crots, Embrun, les Orres, Saint André d'Embrun, and Saint Sauveur for 11,115 inhabitants in total. It borders the banks of the lake for about 7.5 km and represents nearly 64% of the riverside hautes-alpes population of the reservoir.
Its main tasks are focused primarily on tourism and sports, culture and patrimony, sanitation, economic development and waste management.

The Community of Communes Savines - Serre-Ponçon

Logo de la communauté de communes du Savinois - Serre-Ponçon

3 community delegates represent the CCSSP This latter includes the communes of Prunieres, Puy Saint Eusèbe, Puy-Sanières, Réallon, Saint Apollinaire, Sauze du lac and Savines-le-lac for 2,292 inhabitants in total.
Its riverside municipalities represent 14% of the population around the lake in the Hautes-Alpes and occupy about 32 km of shoreline. By the scale of its territory, the Community of Communes is in charge of the spatial planning, the economic development, the protection and enhancement of the equipment and roads delegated by the Commons.

Commune Chorges

Logo de la commune de Chorges

Chorges has the particularity of being the only Commune that joined the SMADESEP individually. Chorges borders the lake for about 11 km and represents in the Hautes-Alpes nearly 20% of the riverside population of the reservoir.
This Commune has 2475 inhabitants. It is represented in the Union Council by the Deputy Mayor in charge of tourism.

The Community of Communes of the Land of Serre-Ponçon

Logo de la communauté de communes du Pays de Serre-Ponçon

It only borders the lake for 6 km and its riverside population represents only 2% of the total haut-alpins present in the riverside Communes of the reservoir. The CCPSP has on its territory the dam of Serre-Ponçon and remains one of the areas that are most marked by the construction of the monument. It still manages the communal estates built 50 years ago to house the workers mobilized for this enormous project.
Turned to tourism and economic development, waste and environment management, the CCPSP includes the communes of Bellaffaire, Bréziers, Espinasses, Piégut, Remollon Rochebrune, Rousset, Theus, Venterol for 2250 inhabitants in total.